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Supporting Educators. Empowering Children. Shaping Bright Futures.

We team up with child care and preschool facilities to ensure early childhood education programs meet the developmental needs of children in 3 essential areas: Social-Emotional Health, Sensory & Motor Development, and the development of Speech and Language.


Our work is informed by The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, an approach grounded in neuroscience, that considers the resiliency-building process in young children, as well as the sequential development and organization of the brain.

[We are] extremely grateful to have been chosen to be part of their pilot program. Our little program was seen in the lenses of outside professionals and all of our hard work was appreciated by them. They gave our school some helpful feedback that inspired our staff as early childhood educators and helped them become motivated to make small changes that benefit our community. SDC is a group of professionals that are genuinely here to help support preschools. We can't wait to be part of their membership program because I am confident that they will be an incredible partnership for our program.

                                                         -Gloria, Founder/CEO of Banana Fana Preschool, SF



Social-emotional learning

Social-Emotional Development

Our early childhood mental health clinicians support early learning centers in creating the most enriching interpersonal environment to support the development of positive self-esteem and identity, empathy, self-awareness, awareness of others, social skills, the ability to establish and maintain relationships with peers and adults, emotional awareness, and the ability to manage emotions.

Learning happens  when children feel safe. They are intrinsically motivated to explore, experiment, and dive in to new experiences, constantly absorbing new things. We need to make sure their learning environment meets their social-emotional needs so their natural curious selves can thrive. 

sensory and motor development

Sensory and Motor

Our pediatric occupational therapist will team up with the early learning center staff to make sure the spaces where children spend their time have the appropriate structures, activities, and toys to support sensory and motor development. 

During the first five years, children explore their surroundings, refining their sensory processing abilities and gradually acquiring fine, visual, and gross motor skills. Through repetitive practice and interactions with sensory rich environments, they lay the foundation for complex physical and cognitive tasks, facilitating their overall development and learning.


speech and language development

Speech and Language Development

Our pediatric speech and language pathologist partners with early childhood education professionals to discover ways to engage every child in positive, enriched interactions so that they can develop the speech, language, feeding, and social skills that will be critical to their future success. 

The most important period for acquiring speech and language skills occurs in the first three years of life, when the brain is developing and maturing at a rapid pace. These skills develop best in rich language environments with adults modeling and responding to a child’s communication in specific ways.


Our work is grounded in neuroscience.
Specifically, the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, by Dr. Bruce Perry.

The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics is a neurodevelopmentally-informed, biologically respectful perspective on human development and functioning.

Our Team

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a team of caring, compassionate, dedicated, and experienced professionals representing 3 essential areas of child development. We know just how important the first 5 years of life are for a child's developing body, brain, and social skills. Our goal is to support early learning centers to become the best versions of themselves and to support families looking to find quality care for their children so they can feel confident that all of their child's needs will be covered.

Our Experts Are the Finest

Our team has been in the field of child development for 10+ years. Our goal is to ensure that preschool environments cover all of the areas of child development, from the physical, to the emotional, to the relational. The teachers that interact with children on a daily  basis are the most important people in these children's world for those hours that they are in their care. The environment itself is a "teacher." We want to make sure it is set up to inspire little minds and bodies to grow up strong. 

Our brains develop sequentially from the bottom up, and the from the inside out. The 4 domains of functioning, according to Dr. Bruce Perry, are Sensory Integration, Self-Regulation, Relational, and Cognitive. Our team uses this knowledge of sequential development of the brain (and body) to team up with the amazing early childhood educators to make preschools, day-cares, and early learning environments the best it can be! 


Art Class

"To develop a self one must exercise choice and learn from the consequences of those choices; if the only thing you are taught is to comply, you have little way of knowing what you like and want."

Bruce D. Perry and Maia Szalavitz

from "The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook" 



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