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"Banana Fana Preschool is extremely grateful to have been chosen to be part of their pilot program. Our little program was seen in the lenses of outside professionals and all of our hard work was appreciated by them. They gave our school some helpful feedback that inspired our staff as early childhood educators and helped them become motivated to make small changes that benefit our community. SDC is a group of professionals that are genuinely here to help support preschools. We can't wait to be part of their membership program because I am confident that they will be an incredible partnership for our program."

-Gloria, Founder/CEO of Banana Fana Preschoool, January 2024

"We are excited share our experience working with Sequential Development Consulting. Their expertise and dedication have given our staff many opportunities to reflect, discuss and modify our preschool program to better serve our students and families. From the outset, it was evident that SDC was committed to understanding the unique needs of our teachers and students. They took the time to assess our current practices and identify areas for improvement, providing tailored solutions for our different classroom programs. What impressed me most about working with SDC was the comprehensive report detailing our program's strengths, areas of improvement and recommendations we received at the end of our initial observation period.


I would recommend SDC's service to preschools seeking to receive independent feedback on teacher/student interactions, daily school routines and improve overall program quality.


Thank you Sequential Development Consulting for your dedication to early childhood education and the success of our preschool program."

-One Fifty Parker Avenue School, March 2024 

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