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What does it mean to be a
Sequential Development Member?

SDC Member School Certificate

Member schools receive the following annual benefits:

  • Yearly professional development training for their staff in a wide range of topics covering sensory and motor development, social-emotional learning, and speech and language development. 

  • Consultation with all 3 professionals. Teachers and/or supervising staff have access to the mental health clinician, pediatric OT, and pediatric SLP year round to consult on any topics that come up throughout the school year.

  • Access to SDC's Member content. This is a comprehensive library of handouts, infographics, printables, and templates. Plus, Member Schools can request ANY personalized content for their staff in any subject area.

  • Ongoing on-site visits by all 3 professionals to support the teaching team in the mission to provide the best educational environment and experience for the children in their care. 

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